Andy Moor (The Ex, Dog Faced Hermans)



Squier Telecaster in the early days—Andy Moor with Dog Faced Hermans, circa early ’90s.


Telecaster, present day—Andy Moor with the Ex.

Andy Moor is my Hendrix.

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Quarterly Report, April 2014

As I write this I am flying back home to Chicago after 4 incredible days in the Echo Lab with Nervous Curtains. I have worked on all 3 of their LPs, and I feel this is their strongest work yet. Daron from Pinkish Black was on-hand to help produce, and his insight was immensely valuable. Bands: hire him.

Back in Chicago, work is getting incredibly busy at Chicago Mastering Service. I mastered the latest Bludded Head tape, the Baños y Baños (ex-White Drugs) LP, a new Unholy Two LP, as well as tons of other records, and work continues on what is maybe the most exciting project of my whole career.

I was back in Texas at the Echo Lab in March to record The Skeeves from Fort Worth. I crashed on the studio couch for 5 nights and we worked hard to craft a really cool record.

Previous to that was the Bob Mould Workbook 25 shows, almost all of which were seated. Just Bob, Jason Narducy on bass and guitar, and Alison Chesley (aka Helen Money). Working with Bob has been a total dream come true. Now we just need a Fugazi reunion and D. Boon to be reanimated for me to get a shot at working with all my heroes.

In January and February I worked on the new Overseas and The New Year LPs, as well as the latest Fishboy LP at the Echo Lab. This was my first time working with Fishboy, and I think the record they made is absolutely killer. It’s a concept album about Thomas Edison and an elephant’s ghost and forgiveness. Right after we finished, there were 4 Superchunk shows in Texas and Louisiana, which my girlfriend and I capped off with two gluttonous days in New Orleans.

I leave Chicago again Thursday to begin another run with Superchunk, including shows each weekend at Coachella. Then we go to Europe for three shows, after which my girlfriend and I are taking a much-deserved vacation in Spain.

Ok, crap! That’s it for now! Thanks!

Finally, a use for a click track I can support: creating dead-on staccato notes by triggering a gate with the click. @NervousCurtains LP3 (at Echo Lab)

Drum-activated synth arpeggiation weirdness on @NervousCurtains LP3 (at Echo Lab)

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This mic is proof that civilization has peaked. Everybody can chill now. (Thank you @bvandivier) (at Echo Lab)

Baking tapes and making delicious fruit leather.

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Brooklyn, 12/10

12/8, Helsinki